Zionsville 07-28 School Board Meeting Outcomes

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Regarding the ZCS School Board’s meeting to discuss reintroduction of a mask mandate in Zionsville schools, the burden of proof is on the Board to demonstrate that such a mandate is necessary. The burden of proof is not on those opposing reintroduction of the mask mandate to prove with 100% certainty that absolutely no risk exists. The burden is on those seeking to assert that a substantial risk of unassumed harm (i.e. harm that cannot be mitigated from vaccination) exists that compels the mask mandate contrary to the following available evidence:

1. According to the State of Indiana, not one child under the age of 19 has died of Covid in Boone County, Indiana. All statistics to date have shown that children under 12 have very little risk of serious Covid consequences, and not really a greater risk than other common health concerns and issues.

2. All individuals over the age of 12 have had the option to be vaccinated for “free”. Anyone who does not opt for vaccination has assumed the risk from Covid. Meaning they bear the responsibility of the consequences of their inaction. For instance, my children do not have a moral (or arguably legal) obligation to wear masks to protect the parental negligence of those that chose not to have their teens vaccinated.

3. Hospital ICUs are not overwhelmed and show little risk of being overwhelmed. The current medical supply chain is not broken like it was in March of 2020.

What am I missing that is statistically significant that would require masks in Zionsville schools? (Not "what ifs", but something statistically significant that changes this analysis.)

Again, the burden of proof is on the School Board to demonstrate a significant unassumed risk is now present necessitating a reintroduction of the mask mandate contrary to the three premises above.

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