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Schooling Options

Looking for Alternative Options to ZCS for this school year?

Students & Teachers

With such little time to respond to the recent mandate changes, we know this is a difficult time for so many familes. Our hearts go out to every one of you.


ZIONSVILLE is an AMAZING COMMUNITY filled with caring, educated, talented people. We have faith that we can create a solution if we come together. Please share information about alternatives like teacher co-ops, parent-educator co-ops, schools with choice status, online alternatives, home-schooling and any other creative ways to educate our children.

Parents know their children better than anyone else and there will never be a one-size fits all solution.

If you have information to be added here for students & teaches looking for options, please email us and we will gratefully add it to this page.

Local News Worth Sharing

Resources for parents pursuing other schooling options from www.standforhealthfreedom.com